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Bernward Koch
  • 姓名:Bernward Koch
  • ?#21592;穡?男
  • 别名: 暂无
  • 国籍: 德国
  • 语言: 德语
  • 出生地: 暂无
  • 生日: 暂无
  • 星座: 暂无
  • 身高: 暂无
  • 体重: 暂无
  • 人气:
  • 更新时间:2016-01-09

Bernward Koch详细介绍:

Bernward Koch的歌曲,Bernward KochDJ舞曲,Bernward Koch好听的歌,Bernward Koch个人资料

Bernward Koch个人资料:

来自德国、受过正统音乐训练的顶尖钢琴家 Bernward Koch,在其所创作的曲子总是能展现出大师级的纯熟风范,音乐中所蕴涵的细腻精巧之处教人为之惊叹不已。朴素的旋律从播放器?#22995;?#26679;飘扬而出,你觉得是那样的熟悉,就像已经听了多年。但它们又是如此的新鲜宜人。Bernward Koch 是一个只使用少量音符的旋律大师。新世纪音乐,总披着一层神秘的面纱,将它迷人的风采半遮面似的忽隐忽现。Bernward Koch 自从[email protected]年推出首张专辑以来,一路气势如虹,不但获得极具影响力的电台 The Power 全力推荐,在欧美各地广受欢迎外,更曾以一曲《Laguna De La Vera》,蝉连美国Billboard告示牌新世纪音乐类榜?#36164;?#26376;之久!在这张专辑中,他身兼键盘、钢琴和?#27492;?#28436;出,从容不迫、游刃有余的功力实在令人叹为观止。Bernward Koch 巧妙地融合了电子合成乐与大自然的声音,而太太 Christine 的美丽笛声已成了 Bernward Koch 的?#20449;?#20043;一,夫唱妇随的合奏身影令人钦羡!其?#20540;?Christopher 的精彩击鼓,更为 Bernward Koch 的新世纪音乐凭添无比魅力!他以清晰的节奏感来平衡浪漫的曲风,不局限于软调的呢喃,你可以感受到一种清新,与彻底自由的喜悦!Bernward Koch 音乐魔力,为你揭开新世纪音乐的层层面纱。将乐谱上的音符与线条,幻化成一篇篇如诗梦般美丽迷人的乐章,为所有都会?#20449;一?#37027;消逝已久的柔情浪漫。 Bernward Koch was born on 23rd of January 1957 in Siegen/Westfalen, Germany. When he was 12 years, he started playing French Horn in the musical brass band of his village, but just a little bit later he changed to the trumpet. Two years after he starts to be engaged in bass, guitar and drums. During that time he was playing in a beat-band. When he was 15 he got his first piano lessons. His enthusiasm for music grew, especially for Jazz, Rock, Pop and Folk but also for classical music. In his early 20s he started studying at the music-university in cologne, meanwhile he took part (mostly together with his younger brother Christoph) in a lot of music seminars at the University of Bremen, Academy Remscheid, education-centre Altenmelle and Schloß Weikersheim. In the meantime he played keyboards, drums and percussion in different Jazz-Rock-Bands. In 1990 for example an adventurous tournee led him and his Band Pablo to Moscow. Besides Bernward Koch created piano-based instrumental-compositions -enriched with keyboards, flute, guitar and percussion- with a relaxing, metaphorical character and his discernible tuneful signature. 1989 he signed his first deal for an instrumetal solo-project under his own name. With his debut-record “Flowing“ Bernward Koch has had a successful installation in the United States in 1990, when the important california radio stations THE WAVE and KKSF distinguished and popularized the record of the commonly unknown german pianist. Koch`s fame began to ascend when his song “Ever returning” was chosen for two Aids-benefit-compilations -chairman Elisabeth Taylor- initiated by the radio stations KKSF in San Francisco and THE WAVE in Los Angeles. He contributed his track besides artists like Sting (Fragile), Bonnie Raitt (Nick of time), Al Jarreau (One way), Eurhythmics Dave A. Stewart + Candy Dulfer (Lily was here), Ottmar Liebert (Heart still beating), Lauren Wood (Fallen, from the motion picture Pretty Woman), Bob James/David Sanborn (Maputo), Dave Grusin/Lee Ritenouer (Early a.m. attitude) and YANNI (Once upon a time) In 1992 an important step in his career followed. His record “Laguna de la Vera“stayed high in the american Billboard New Age charts for a couple of months. Simultaneously it became one of the most highly acclaimed instrumental records of the year in various other countries. His 1995 published album “Still Magic“ was moving upwards as well in the USA as in Europe. UNITED AIRLINES, JAPAN AIRLINES, Deutsche LUFTHANSA, KOREAN AIRLINES, SINGAPORE AIRLINES, AIR CHINA and many more airlines uses his music during the flights all around the world. The album “Picante“ came out in 1997 performed by Bernward Koch featuring Pablo. This vivacious CD - a mixture of Latin, Jazz and Funk - documents the brilliant concert acting of the musicians; not only a melodical impressive but also rhythmical amazingly LP. In 1997 the US-record company Real Music (from Sausalito near San Francisco) re-released Koch’s first album “Flowing“. This record with a new blue cover was and is very successful again, not only in the USA. In the summer of 1999 his production “Journey to the Heart“ was worldwide published by Real Music. Each song demonstrates Bernward Kochs faculty for melody and harmony, so this record became a heavy airplay in Asia too. E.g. the track “Little Moritz” is used on a very successful video (Hakuhodo) in Japan. In January 2004 a new album of Bernward Koch will be worldwide released by ‘Just Music Publishing’ in Seoul, first in Korea and Japan. This piano solo record with 15 tracks be called “MONTAGNOLA” and is dedicated to the writer HERMANN HESSE. Nobody, who knows Koch`s music, will be surprised by his success: the classically trained artist composes pieces of outstanding formal maturity with an astonishing musical finesse. For Bernward Koch himself music means telling stories. His piano-based arrangements are always marked by a tasteful balance of natural and synthetic sounds, mixed with the organic pulse of a real flesh and blood percussionist and guitar player (Bernward`s brother Christoph); and the exqusite flute playing of his wife Christiane Böhm has over the years become a trademark feature in his sound. Bernward Kochs music unfolds a soothing and seductive charm - so by degrees there are and there will be many listerners under its spell.

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